Stefan Lovin is a graduate of the National University of Music in Bucharest, in the departments of theoretical music studies and piano music performance. Jazz pianist, classical music performer and composer, Stefan Lovin has been noted as a musician since the Sibiu Jazz Festival (Romania) 2005, in which he presented his own work using the technique of prepared piano, compositional techniques belonging to contemporary music and jazz modern. This was followed by the Bucharest Jazz Festival of the same year, where he presented for the first time in Romania the composition “La Fiesta” by the legendary American pianist Chick Corea for solo piano, in the same version as the author improvised it in 1978; EUROPAfest the 2006 edition, during the gala at the Romanian Athenaeum, where he presented a jazz standard orchestrated by himself entitled “Be my love – Nicholas Brodszky” with the Romanian string orchestra conducted by Alexandru Ganea and 2016 Teatrelli hall – in duet with Stefano Latteri – Italy), the 2008 edition of the Contemporary Music Festival, where he performed the work of romanian female composer Silvia Macovei – “Astral Citadels”, the solo project Reimagining Bach, in which he presented a unique concept of improvisation – interpretation, starting from the preludes of J.S. Bach and many other projects. He has been involved in many solo recitals, activating in piano-percussion duets, modern jazz projects with contemporary dance, modern jazz with progressive rock, all these collaborations highlighting the protagonist’s compositional searches. Lately he has focused exclusively on solo piano recitals of classical music with works by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Rachmaninov, Skriabin, Shostakovich and other great masters of keyboard art, all these appearances emphasizing the interpretative side of the pianist.

In December 2020, he presented in the great hall of the Brașov and Sibiu Philharmonic a solo piano project entitled “Romanian carols in piano resonance”, a project inspired, as the title suggests, by choral christmas carols.
In July 2021 he presented at the Romanian-American Festival, organized by the Sibiu State Philharmonic, a solo piano program focused on songs and improvisational structures from Romanian music, including a piano transcript of the famous work for string orchestra “Prelude a l’unisson” by George Enesco.

In 2023 he performed a solo recital intitled „Imagining Christ” at Sibiu Philharmonic which, as the title sugests, brings together 2 sound dimensions, one Byzantine, the other Gregorian, in a single compositional and, at the same time, improvisational approach. The most famous Orthodox-Byzantine chorales will be reinterpreted, transformed and recontextualized in a new harmonic, polyphonic and melodic manner, thus giving rise to new compositions for solo piano, but keeping the essence and character that the original authors instilled in choral works.

The gregorian chants, like the byzantine music, are repositioned in a new harmonic profile, with many melodic variants of character, but without altering the intimate, liturgical and meditative substrate of the chorales. The resulting music is new, surprising and original, keeping the original sobriety and lyricism.