Born on February 21st 1980, Ştefan Lovin graduated the “George Georgescu” Arts High School in Tulcea and, in 2005, the Faculty of Musical Pedagogy within the National University of Music Bucharest with a thesis on “The History of Romanian Choral Music Before Paul Constantinescu”. He also earned a master’s degree from the Faculty of Musical Performance within the same university, with a thesis on “Prelude and Fugue in the Musical Works of J.S.Bach and D.Shostakovich”.
He took masterclasses with pianists Andrei Gavrilov and Dan Grigore and he also attended workshops sustained by great romanian jazzmen such as Mircea Tiberian, Cristian Soleanu and Marius Popp.
He performed in chamber concerts, both as a solo artist and in collaboration with other instrumentalists, with works by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Skriabin, Debussy, Ravel, and Shostakovich.
In 2008 he appeared at the Contemporary Music Festival, where he performed the work “Cetăţi Astrale” for piano solo, by composer Silvia Macovei.
In 2016 his study “Prelude and Fugue – Stylistic Challenges after the Culmination of J.S.Bach’s Work” appeared in Volume XI of “Studii de Muzicologie”, a magazine published in Iaşi.
Along with his activity in classical music domains, Ştefan Lovin also has many performances as a jazz musician. In 2005 he performed at jazz festivals in Sibiu and Bucharest and in 2006 he was at EuropaFest, where, on the stage of the Romanian Atheneum, he performed an arrangement for piano and orchestra of his own original jazz standard, “Be My Love”. The year 2016 saw another participation at EuropaFest, where he performed in a duet with the italian jazz vocalist Stefano Latteri. Also, not in the least, besides the aforementioned festivals, Ştefan Lovin is a constant performer in romanian jazz clubs, both as a solo artist and in various duos and trios.